Birth Setting Options

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In our area you have the right to birth in any setting you desire, with any attendants you choose. Drs and CNMs are regulated by the Kansas Board of Healing Arts and the State Board of Nursing respectively. DEMs are not required to carry any license. Although there is no Kansas law regulating birth attendants, the legal precedence in Kansas is that birth is not a medical event therefore, no medical license is required to attend births (STATE BD. OF NURSING v. RUEBKE 1996)

Many women choose homebirth for the privacy, intimacy and personal control it affords. A home birth typically has the lowest rates of medical intervention, and offers the best chance for a woman to birth without interruption by routine procedures. DEMs and some CNMs can attend home births in the Lawrence area. Insurance may cover all or part of a home birth.

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Birth Center
Freestanding birth centers are independent of hospitals. They often represent a compromise between the comforts of home and the equipment available in hospitals although any emergency or need for surgery will need to be transported to a hospital. Some birth centers offer narcotics as pain control. Many offer birth tubs and the opportunity to labor in water, although CNM’s are not allowed to attend water births. The birth centers in this area are staffed by CNMs and family practice doctors. Most insurance companies will reimburse for a birth center birth.

Topeka, KS
Birth and Women's Center 1412 SW 6th Topeka, KS 66606 (785) 232-6950.
Emily Hester, CNM; Norla Todd, CNM; and Josie Norris,
They take insurance including
Kansas Medicaid and self-pay patients.


Hospitals offer the highest rates of medical intervention. Narcotics and epidurals are available, water and ice chips are available, although food is often not allowed during labor. In this area hospital births can be attended by family practice physicians, obstetricians and CNMs (but only at certain hospitals). Insurance companies reimburse for most hospital births.

Lawrence, KS
Lawrence Memorial Hospital